I Am Blue, So Very Blue

While attempting to be proactive and complete my Philosophy homework early this week, I found myself falling into the pit of procrastination. I have ADD when it comes to doing school work, bright shiny objects aka- My Glamour Magazine that sat on my end table with the promise of showing me 957 Fall Outfits!!

Truth be told, I don’t want to talk about fall just yet. It’s only the beginning of August folks, lets not rush it! For two weeks I put off scouring the pages to see what “Fall” will have in store for me. Well I had to make a decision, read “The Letter from Birmingham Jail” or come face to face with the reality that cooler weather is in my future and I need to know how to dress for it. Priorities, my friends, Priorities! Don’t judge me.

I am pleased to find that summer trends will carry over into next season. Florals, for example, can still be a wardrobe staple when paired with darker back drops and accessories. Yay!

I was over the moon when I turned the page and saw head to toe Cobalt Blue! I just wore that on Monday! Boo yah- who is ready for Fall? This girl!




Outfit Details:
Top- Spense via TJ Maxx
Pants- Indigo Rein via TJ Maxx
Shoes- Bandalino
Belt- Target
Clutch- Target
Shades- Target

A few posts ago I shared a photo of Sandra Bullock in a blue ensemble here in an attempt to copycat the look:

What do you think about the monochromatic trend? Trend worth trying?

Hope you’re having a great week!

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PS- I did read “The Letter from Birmingham Jail” it was rather captivating actually. Martin Luther Kung Jr. was an amazing writer and passionate advocate.

See- I do have my priorities straight, just not always in the proper order 😉


What I Wore: Peplum and Pink

Weekends come and go so quickly. Just another Manic Monday (I’ll have that song stuck in my head the rest of the day.)

I’m starting to get a little depressed with all the “summer is almost over” discussion. The magazines are talking about the fall trends, I’m just not ready for all that yet. Feeling the pressure of having to wear all my summer clothes Right Now, before it’s too late!!

I’m being a bit dramatic this morning, but seriously I don’t want summer to end- (Insert Temper Tantrum)




Outfit Details:
Top- Willi Smith via TJ Maxx
Skirt- LOFT get it here
Shoes- Express
Belt- Charming Charlie’s
Bag- Target

I love the black and white pattern of the top against the bright pop of pink, and I’m a huge fan of the bow buckle detail on the belt. Obsession of the moment: Bows!

Hope you had a great weekend! Happy Monday!

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White Blazer and a Pencil Skirt

Sorry for the radio silence it’s been a hectic past few weeks and will continue to be crazy until my Little Sister says “I Do” next Saturday! Very Exciting!

I have some fun Bachlorette Party photos to share stay tuned!

For today I’m sharing an outfit I wore to work with my Favorite White Blazer. If you don’t have one go get one! Incredibly versatile to dress up jeans or keep you warm in the air conditioned office. Looks effortless!




Outfits Details:
Blazer- Kohls LC Lauren Conrad Collection
Skirt- Kenar Marshalls
Top- Merano Target
Shoes- Highlight Famous Footwear

Cocktail Couture

My style is typically inspired by what’s on trend, what my favorite celebs are wearing, my favorite bloggers and what is acceptable to wear to work – Just to name a few.

Outfit inspiration can come from some of craziest places and today I was inspired by one of my favorite cocktails. Tequila Sunrise! My mind has been on Happy Hour since I got up this morning… It’s been one of those weeks!

I’m trying new things and challenging myself to stop and look around, soak everything in. Inspiration is everywhere just take a moment to find it! In honor of finding my inspiration I bring you…

Cocktail Couture:


Doesn’t that look Tasty?! Here’s the recipe: CHEERS!
– 1 and 1/2 oz. Tequila (white)
– 1/2 oz. Grenadine
– 3 oz. Orange Juice

Add orange juice and tequila to a highball glass filled with ice. Splash Grenadine on top, garnish with an orange slice and a cherry.

Have you been inspired lately? What inspires your style?

Mellow Yellow with a Touch of Stripes

I love the combo of yellow and navy and the stripes in the blazer make it a little nautical which is so on trend right now for spring. Kept my bottom half low-key (I am in LOVE with these boyfriend jeans!) and a pair of nuetral wedges. I thought it was a good idea to wear these same wedges to NY and walk around ALL day in them……….umm major fail on my part, I had to buy a pair of flats to continue through the day. (Any excuse to buy another pair of shoes- but seriously my feet were screaming for some comfort)





TJ Maxx Outfit 2: Coral and White

The weekend is here! The sun is shining the birds are chirping and I’m heading to NYC for a Girls Shopping Day with my mom and sister. This is a tradition every year in April we head up to NY for a little site seeing and shopping.

Since my brother is officially home from Texas now (served in the Army) he will be joining us with one of his buddies. A family affair today!

Wanted to share another outfit I purchased at TJ Maxx earlier this week during my “Shop Therapy” session. Sweater was $14.99! Say What is the brand name.

Well I gotta start getting ready… Have a fabulous weekend!




Outfit Details: Sweater and pants, TJ Maxx; Shoes: CL Laundry (old); Necklace: Pop of Chic Jewelry

TJ Maxx: Polka Dot Gladiator

Cheers! It’s Thirsty Thursday, a phrase I lived by from twenty one years of age to my late twenty’s…… Who am I kidding I still love Thirsty Thursdays just don’t partake as much as I’d like too. I can’t quite hang the way I used to in my younger years, but a happy hour from time to time with friends does the trick to turn a frown upside down after a stressful work week.

I have also found that ‘Shop Therapy’ helps a bad day, typical for those of us with a shopping addiction. I’m sure you’re not surprised that my bad days lead me to the mall, even if its just to wander around aimlessly from purses to shoes to accessories to clothes…and clear my head of the “work junk.”

My therapy sessions typically take place at Marshalls, TJ Maxx or Target, I know what you’re thinking going to the gym and hopping on the treadmill can shake the stress away too, but that doesn’t make me want to jump out of bed the next morning seize the day and declare, “I can’t wait to wear my new polka dot skirt!!” Like shopping does 😉

Needless to say I bought that polka skirt and I had a great day yesterday! Feeling good about what you are wearing does amazing things for your psyche and shopping at TJ Maxx didn’t hurt my wallet either. For $130.00 I came home with:

-Max Studio Polka Dot skirt $19.99
-Olive and Oak orange blouse $19.99
-Olive and Oak Coral Blazer $20.00
-DKNY Boyfriend Jeans $29.99
-Tinseltown Jean Jacket $24.99
-Say What Coral and Tan Cardigan $14.99

Nothing releases feel good endorphins like a new outfit or two! Happy Thursday!




Outfit Details: Skirt, Blouse and Jean Jacket TJ Maxx. Shoes, Nine West $1.99 (purchased at Boscovs BOGO event Saturday). Necklace, Deb Shop $7.99.