Be Bold: Wear Saturated Color

There isn’t a shade of blue I don’t like, as you will see over time I have a lot of it. When shopping I try to broaden my color scheme with pinks and purples but always end up in the blue/green section.

So what’s a girl to do that has a closet dedicated to a single color? Pull out the color wheel. In my last post I admitted my fear of wearing too many colors at the same time, I also vowed to live dangerously this year. That’s right folks I looked to the secondary colors to find a match to my Cobalt Blue sweater………Orange! Yikes! For me this is huge! Pairing two very unlike colors together is insanity! OK I’m being really dramatic it’s not that crazy, the pairing was beautiful and bold. Complimentary colors, who would have thought haha.

I love color, I don’t want you to think that I am a plain jane who doesn’t wear color, I do. My problem is cordinating the colors together, I’m too matchy. If I wear hot pink pants, my top should have the same hot pink somewhere in the pattern or I get lazy and just pair a bold color with black or white. I’m going to break free from my colorfashionphobia!

What do you think about the color scheme Orange and Blue? Do you have any fashion hang ups, I’d love to hear them!