April Showers Bring…

I don’t know about you but April showers (any showers for that matter) bring Big Frizzy Hair… Yikes! No amount of smoothing potions can tame my wild mane. While I should embrace my naturally curly/wavy locks I choose to straighten. We always want what we don’t have c’est la vie!

Bad hair days aside April Showers brought beautiful flowers, wouldn’t you agree? I can not believe it’s May already, time flies when you’re having fun!

On rainy days I have a hard time getting out of my pj’s. Just want to lounge around and watch Rom Coms all day but reality sets in and you remember you work a full time job and that’s not really an option. I try to stay away from wearing black on those day’s. My mentality is:

Gloomy day + dreary attire = depressing/negative mood

Gloomy day + bright color = happy/optimistic mood

Studies show that color can affect your mood…. Wear something Happy Today!





Outfit Details:
Umbrella, Target
Shoes, CL Laundry Wedges
Pants, Old Navy
Top, Old Navy
Jacket, Tinseltown via TJ Maxx

They say “Rain makes you beautiful” – would you agree?

Have an Amazing Day!


TJ Maxx: Polka Dot Gladiator

Cheers! It’s Thirsty Thursday, a phrase I lived by from twenty one years of age to my late twenty’s…… Who am I kidding I still love Thirsty Thursdays just don’t partake as much as I’d like too. I can’t quite hang the way I used to in my younger years, but a happy hour from time to time with friends does the trick to turn a frown upside down after a stressful work week.

I have also found that ‘Shop Therapy’ helps a bad day, typical for those of us with a shopping addiction. I’m sure you’re not surprised that my bad days lead me to the mall, even if its just to wander around aimlessly from purses to shoes to accessories to clothes…and clear my head of the “work junk.”

My therapy sessions typically take place at Marshalls, TJ Maxx or Target, I know what you’re thinking going to the gym and hopping on the treadmill can shake the stress away too, but that doesn’t make me want to jump out of bed the next morning seize the day and declare, “I can’t wait to wear my new polka dot skirt!!” Like shopping does 😉

Needless to say I bought that polka skirt and I had a great day yesterday! Feeling good about what you are wearing does amazing things for your psyche and shopping at TJ Maxx didn’t hurt my wallet either. For $130.00 I came home with:

-Max Studio Polka Dot skirt $19.99
-Olive and Oak orange blouse $19.99
-Olive and Oak Coral Blazer $20.00
-DKNY Boyfriend Jeans $29.99
-Tinseltown Jean Jacket $24.99
-Say What Coral and Tan Cardigan $14.99

Nothing releases feel good endorphins like a new outfit or two! Happy Thursday!




Outfit Details: Skirt, Blouse and Jean Jacket TJ Maxx. Shoes, Nine West $1.99 (purchased at Boscovs BOGO event Saturday). Necklace, Deb Shop $7.99.