Hello there! Welcome to my Personal Style Blog! My name is Jamie, I am a mother to one and an Aunt to several. I live on the East Coast about an hour from the “City of Brotherly Love” and I have a shopping addiction. The first step is admitting you have a problem, the second is asking for help. This blog will be my therapy, interacting with other shop-a-holics..Perfection! My obsession with fashion started at an early age, and I owe it all to those SHOES!!! Yes the Ruby Slippers that Dorothy so stylishly rocked all over Oz. My blog is so aptly named after that very accessory that inspired my style story.

Will I make cheesy references to the Wizard of Oz in my posts? Yeah most likely but all in good fun, my blog is not a tribute to the Wizard of Oz, it is simply titled paying respect to where it all began for me. I love shopping, reading fashion magazines, scouring Pinterest for cute outfits and most recently I discovered the wonderful world of Fashion/Personal Style Bloggers. There you find amazing outfit inspiration, each blogger with their own distinct style they answer the question, “What should I wear?” and I hope to do the same.

Happy Reading!



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